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A couple of days before Thanksgiving, my Mom was helping me wash dishes while our respective husbands were in the basement messing with sump pumps and pipes and whatever else boys do to get out of doing dishes. I was midsentence when she suddenly threw the dish cloth down, wrung her hands together and blurted out, "I have to tell you something but I'm not supposed to and I am excited but kind of want to throw up at the same time!"

Of course, I stood there staring at her like the crazy person she is and asked what the deal was. After much prying, she confessed that my baby sister's boyfriend had called our father and asked to speak with him about the future of their relationship. Them's fightin' words.

Now my first thought was, "Marriage! That's for grown-ups! They are a couple of kids!" Now I thought my Dad would be on the same wave length, but Cory outsmarted us all. Not only did he explain to my Dad how much he loves my sister, he also brought a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls with him. Cory, you ol' devil. You know how to get to that man's heart.

Along with cinnamon rolls, Cory brought his confidence to the table. His plan was to propose on her birthday (December 3), he already bought his plane ticket from his school in Chicago, and he already had the ring. Way to get it done, buddy. So Karly has never been one to shy away from the camera, so it was an all-too-easy setup for me to tell her I needed a model to get the hang of a new lens I was trying and I lured her right into Cory's romantic trap.

It wasn't freezing that day, but certainly cold enough to warrant a jacket. Cory arrived over an hour early and by the time we got there, his teeth were chattering and a whole crowd had gathered to watch him pop the question. No pressure, right?

You can't tell from the picture, but Karly broke into this sort of foot-stamping happy dance when he pulled the ring out. She had happy feet, that girl.

And we all watched, my parents and the swans and the dozen strangers lined up on the bridge behind us.

And all the girls swooned over the sparkly chunk of rock now sitting on her finger and after a moment or two we decided it was much too cold to just stand there and we better go snap some pictures while we can still feel our happy  feet.

Congrats you crazy kids. I am grateful you'll have a longer engagement - I'll need ample time to teach Karly to cook something beyond a grilled cheese. Love you both!

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Anonymous said...

Loads of talent on this blog...of course, you have two beautiful subjects--that helps. : )

Love e'rbody!!! Mom