casey & derek | engaged.

Somewhere along the way I got it into my head that all brides were high-strung (like me). I figured that since a wedding is a once in a lifetime event, surely they've envisioned exactly what they want down to every detail. So while I waited for Casey and Derek to arrive for their engagement session, I started mentally preparing to go with the flow, to listen to their ideas and get a feel for what they wanted.

All my hand-wringing was in vain. Casey & Derek were so laid back, so chill, so easy-going. Maybe it's because they're from North Carolina. I like to think Southerners are less worrisome than the rest of us. After just a few minutes of shooting, I could see why they decided to marry each other. Casey is a bit more particular about things and Derek watches her talk with a smile on his face and the willingness to do whatever she asks. They were such a cute complement to each other and have the easiest kind of fun together.

And many thanks to Casey for letting me touch your gorgeous strawberry hair multiple times throughout the morning. You two are alright. Enjoy the sneak peek!

Enjoy the rest of your wedding planning, country kids! I know it will be a riot. :)

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