super-kylie & baby ray | just because.

The chubby cheeks you see here? They're my friend Sara's little dumplings, Kylie and Baby Ray. If you're contemplating nibbling on their chunka-cheeks or wondering how delicious a baby might taste with a side of barbeque sauce, you're not alone. Sara and I had a healthy chat about all the ways we'd like to eat our babies. Personally, I plan to coat my newborn in marshmallow creme and chocolate bars, sandwich her between two graham crackers, and snack on her toasty toes until the cows come home.

Kylie taught me that there isn't a shutter speed fast enough for a kid on the move. She also proved that it's possible for a  two-year-old to love vegetables after she plowed through an entire pint of raw tomatoes. She is a small hero - didn't shed a tear over the three giant German Shepherds licking her face the moment she stepped out of the car.

Baby Ray, with his freshly hatched chicken hair, made me incredibly excited that my little jellybean will be making her grand entrance into this world in just a few short weeks. And oh my, what a hammy-ham. The grins, the drooling, the flirty nuzzle-into-your-chest routine. WANT.

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember getting right into my brother's face when he was a baby. I'd pinch him, squeeze his cheeks and hands with some sort of restrained energy that made my jaw lock up and my hands shake. I don't know what it was, maybe that I knew he was fragile but I wanted to bear hug him so bad? Anyway, Kylie did it. When she went in to smooch Baby Ray, she'd do the Little Girl Excited Tremble and I loved it. I totally get it, Kylie. I totally get it.

Gorgeous, sweet-hearted girl.

At dinner, I mentioned to Sara that Kylie would probably end up a supermodel with her huge blue eyes and charm. Well, the word "super" was all Kylie picked up on and next thing you know, she's flying through the air.


See you guys sooooon!

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Sara said...

haha! This was so funny! I love the one with her kissing his hand, and, yes, she does that shake and squeeze your jaw thing all the time! The picture above the "gorgeous" caption is her "I'm smiling just cause you want me to smile" smile.
Anytime you want to shoot them some more just let me know!