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You remember my friends Kristen and Joe, right? Well the last time they made an appearance on this little website, the toasty tiny nugget you see below was still on the inside. He arrived just one day early, loves fleece blankets, sleeps like a champion, and makes the sweetest facial expressions.

Kristen has been my prego-partner from the get-go. Due just 5 weeks ahead of my own little pumpkin, it's amazing to watch her embrace her new role as a Mommy and care for her tiny son. (Really, this worked out perfectly for me because she went through everything first and I got to ask her all about it.)

Allan Joseph "AJ" Catoe - you are so very loved.

I had high hopes for this session - it was my first official shoot with a newborn and after doing tons of research on how easy it is to work with a sleepy, milk-coma baby, I asked Kristen to feed him before I got there with the hopes that he would drift off to LaLaLand and be a perfectly drowsy little model.

I even stocked up on a boppy pillow, pulled out a space heater, bought two ultra-soft blankets, attempted to dye a cheesecloth wrap (not shown - it was a major disaster from the get go and I ended up with streaky tye-dye funkiness), and prepared for baby spillage with waterproof pads and extra towels.

AJ had other plans.

Even after a full belly, a clean diaper, a snuggle by the space heater and much cooing and pleading, he was...how do you say...alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!

Not shown: Desperate attempt to do one of those cute cheesecloth wrapped newborn burrito-bundles. It looked more like a squirmy newborn wrapped in an Ace Banadage. Perhaps candid photography is more my thing?

But really, it was no big deal. There were plenty of tiny toes to nibble on.

And wide eyes to take it all in.

And little gnome caps that made us all swoon.

And perhaps there was a burrito-baby, after all.

And swirly, velveteen hair.

And, look! He does sleep! Sometimes!

I love his smooshy lips. I want to peel back his little fleece wrapper and eat him.

But I'll leave that up to you two. Congratulations you guys - I'm so thrilled for you!

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Kristen said...


I know I'm the "mom" so I'm supposed to say this but GOSH I'm sooooo in love with every single one of these! You did such a good job girl! AH.MAZ.ING! I love you!