boh & lori | green grove gardens portraits.

I love married people. I don't just mean newly-minted married people, although there is something particularly nice about a pair of kids referring to each other as Husband & Wife fifteen minutes after saying their vows. I mean people who've been married five years or twenty or fifty or, like Boh & Lori, two years and they're just gettin' warmed-up.

I think you can tell a lot about a couple by how they approach your front door. Some folks stroll leisurely up the steps, hoping you'll see them before they even have to knock. Others bang on our door like we're hard of hearing and peer in through the windows. Or perhaps our maniac dog plows Husband over before he can even find the doorbell and Wife stands calmly behind him with an ear-to-ear grin, watching it all unfold. Boh & Lori fell into the latter category.

Lori is sweeter than pie and incredibly patient with her energetic, outgoing husband. They balance each other out in the best way. They make each other laugh with one-liners from their favorite YouTube videos. When I asked them to dance for a few photos, Boh opted for The Twist. Lori just stood back and calmly waited for him to figure out that's not what I meant. Ha!

We shot this session at the Hot Air Balloon festival in Greencastle, PA. Many thanks to the gorgeous Green Grove Gardens for hosting such a fun, colorful event!

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