karly & cory | green grove gardens portraits.

Every time I bring my camera out and these two are around, I just can't resist. Sure, there were proposal photos. And now these portraits. And yet there will still be actual engagement photos to follow. And it's a good thing these two lovebirds are just adorable, otherwise I might feel a little funny about showing them off time and time again. But heck - when hot air balloons are around, love is in the air!

And Karly. She's such a ham. She could be mid-sentence and I raise the viewfinder to my eye and suddenly it's like Vogue just started playing and she trying to find her best angle. I spent a good number of years soaking in envy about it - I mean, really, there's nothing like going to the gym with your kid sister only to have some buffed-up, thick-necked meathead come crushing on her while I continue jogging along like chopped liver. Maybe it's that she looks like she's modeling the latest Reebok workout wear while she runs? Manages to put in 5 miles without sweat beads rolling down her face? Smiles and casually waves them away with the news that she's already engaged? You know, some guys might actually prefer the shorter, paler, less long-leggier sister whose neon red face is gasping for air. Probably not.

The older Karly gets, the more I like her. Sure, all siblings go through a rough patch here and there growing up, but Karly and I just never seemed to end up at the same place at the same time. She's six years younger than me and in Girl World, that may as well be a lifetime. She's athletic and tall and tan. I can't catch a beach ball and I'm pretty sure my skintone would be best describe as "translucent." She's in nursing school and breezes through Calculus like it's as simple as washing your hair. I have to get out my phone to calculate a 20% tip. I can bake a fine cake with my eyes closed, Karly's claim to kitchen fame is something called Cinnamon Snails - a piece of white bread rolled in cinnamon sugar and baked. We shared a room as kids and by "shared" I mean "Karly trashed it and wrecked my stuff and I had to clean it up." When we moved to a bigger house and got our own rooms, she still trashed my makeup and spilled nail polish (bright blue!) on my carpet and shoved pennies under my door in apology when I locked her out. What can I say? I'm a sucker for shiny pennies.

But now this kid is getting married. Crazy. I don't want to prattle on too much longer because there are engagement photos to come (they're gonna be insane in the membrane - can't wait to show you!). Over and out.

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Anonymous said...

You are so funny and witty (I was laughing out loud reading this one)...you are beautiful, inside and out. And, I'm so thankful God gave me two daughters that are so different--you two make my life sweeter and spicier--all at the same time.