megan & eric | deep creek lake, md wedding.

I think if you Google Brittany Thomas Photography, you'll see that I'm technically located in Pennsylvania. But just barely. I think my address clocks in at less than two miles from the Mason Dixon Line that divides this great nation into North and South. I had a college friend from Alabama who came to visit and wanted me to take him to "see the line...my friends are never gonna believe it." I think he was a little disappointed to see it was just a tiny sign off the highway exit.

I grew up in Maryland. Someone told me once it was called Little America because we've got mountains and beaches just a few hours apart from each other, all tucked into a teeny tiny state. I've never called it that, I just called it Awesome. Because that's the truth - about the mountains and the beaches. You can go skiing in the morning and decide you want to try surfing in the afternoon and make it happen with a short road trip. I love Maryland.

For my last two years of college, I went to a teeny hole-in-the-wall university in the boonies of Western Maryland. You're driving for miles on an almost always empty highway and just when you think you might need to pull over to stretch your legs - boom, there's the college. Now if you're diligent enough and have the gas in your tank to go just a bit further, your efforts with be rewarded with gorgeous blue skies, enormous mountains, cotton candy clouds and the lake. Deep Creek Lake, of course.

It's been a couple of years since I've been to the lake but on a hot day this past June, when Eric & Megan got married at the Western Maryland 4H Center, I went. They were married on the edge of the water in a grassy green field surrounded with family and friends and wildflowers. I forgot how incredibly beautiful it is, really. It's a breath of fresh air in the middle of nowhere - I mean literally, the air just tastes better up there. I'm only sorry that the school year totally skips the summer when Deep Creek is most alive with buzzing jetskis and sunbathers and melty ice cream cones.

Many thanks to Susannah Storch for tag-teaming this wedding with me!

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