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I'm so excited to see that I'm not alone in my enthusiasm for the BEST SEASON IN THE WORLD. You guys laid it all out there and I am totally feelin' it, baby!

So in no particular order, here's the gist of what ya'll are looking forward to in the coming weeks:

Now I know I said there would only be one winner, but have you ever used the Random Number Generator? It's absolutely addicting. I mean - I couldn't stop. It's sort of like gambling for those of us who are content without actually winning any money. Clicking Generate and waiting to see who the Almighty Number Generator would choose was a TOTAL RUSH. I couldn't wait to see what that puppy spit out. It's a good thing I live far, far away from Las Vegas because I think I'd be coming home with only the clothes on my back.

So because I love ya, because I have a non-monetary gambling problem, because I clicked Generate not once, not twice, but three times - I'm giving away three portrait sessions. That's right. THREE.

Without further rambling from me, here's our winners:

I'll be in touch with each of you to schedule your sessions - please remember they must be scheduled before Halloween and take place within 40 miles of zip code 17225. High-five to everyone who participated - now go get yourself a pumpkin latte and get ready for fall!

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