the hails family | greencastle, pa portraits.

This darling family session was such a reality check for me - how time really does fly when little children are involved. I can't think of my own baby without thinking of Colleen's son, Kaden.

She had a positive pregnancy test one evening last winter when I came over to her apartment for dinner. She had ants in her pants about getting me to leave at the end of the night because Zach was on his way home and I thought it was a little sketch because Colleen is actually quite hospitable. She didn't tell me then, but she made her big announcement at my bachelorette party and I was over the moon for her (although a little disappointed that her delicate condition inhibited her ability to make some bad bachelorette decisions with me).

And in case that wasn't enough, I had two pink lines of my own the afternoon of her baby shower. So the fact that Kaden is turning ONE makes me realize how quickly it all goes and how I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday that Colleen texted me a photo of a 10 pound baby boy with red hair, fresh out of the womb. (I don't know about the red hair. Colleen tells me Zach's mother has red hair, but so does the milkman. I kid, I kid!)

Colleen and Zach are such fun, enthusiastic parents. It's a joy to watch them chase their little toddler around, encourage him not to eat rocks, and patiently wait for him to eat his peas. Since my baby is still somewhat sedentary, chasing Kaden around the park left me a little winded and I have only increased admiration for Zach & Colleen that they can keep up with him all day long. Props to both of you.

Happy first birthday to sweet Kaden Paul. You are loved!


Kristen said...

Holy cow!!! These are AMAZING! love the colors, angles, and poses... but love those people even more :)

Karly said...

These are all fantastic photos! I agree with Kristen!