kylie & raymond | hagerstown, md.

I had really hoped to show you these adorable children earlier than this, possibly on a Monday morning to help get your week started, but I've been in total hibernation mode since we returned from Pittsburgh on Sunday afternoon. It was a real doozy.

Justin was a groomsman for a friend's wedding in Steel City so we traveled three hours on Friday for the rehearsal + dinner where Quinlan entertained the guests with her impressive flatulence. A late night on Friday turned into an early start for the Saturday wedding and I'm so proud of my daughter who turned out to be the ultimate wedding crasher. She passed out during the ceremony, threw up on herself at the reception, then sat around naked while I tried to find a replacement outfit.

Needless to say (but I will anyway), we were exhausted by Sunday morning and still spent the day driving home for my baby brother's birthday celebration. I will just sum the party details up with this: we played Spoons and there was a table diving incident that left me with an egg on my forehead and my uncle with blood running down his face. So, yeah. I haven't left the house for two days now and don't plan on leaving anytime soon.

But all that's neither here nor there! Today is about my friend Sara and her ability to produce gorgeous, well-behaved children. My sister Karly gets to hang out with these two rockstars on a regular basis so I took "Baby Quinwin" over to visit with the kiddos and snapped a couple of these two darling dears in action.
Kylie is awesome because she's such a nut. She will say "yeah" to anything you ask her. My last conversation with her went something like this: 

Me: Are you having fun with Miss Karly? 
Kylie: Yeah. 
Me: Is she letting you eat lots of candy and soda? 
Kylie: Yeah. 
Me: Did you watch hours of trashy reality TV today?
Kylie: Yeah. 
Me: Did she let you play outside unsupervised? 
Kylie: Yeah.
But she is also a sweet-mannered, kind little girl who loves babies and princess movies. She can recite Bible verses for you and says hilarious things to her brother like, "Good job, baby! I'm proud of you!" when he gets Goldfish crackers out of the box on his own.
And Raymond. Such a handsome little sweet-tart he is. He weeble-wobbles across the room, chases the cat, chews on books, and taunts the poor dog from inside the window. (And I really do mean "the poor dog." Rowan has what we call a Nervous Dog Problem and Sara has to give him Prozac twice a day to keep him mellow. Okay, now I'm laughing. Sorry, puppy.)
I hope Sara has more babies because they're so cute and play together so well. Oh, and because she said she would let me do a birth photography session for her next baby. OH YEAH.
Enjoy these photos while you can because Raymond is celebrating his FIRST birthday party this weekend and will most likely be much more mature by then.

I'm going to buy him another nervous dog. Sara - you're welcome. ;)

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Sara said...

Awe! So cute! Great pictures! I especially love the one of him sitting by the tv stand where you are taking it from above him. I'm assuming I can print some of these pictures?!? And my poor oversized chair looks awful. Ugh. I can't figure out how to slipcover the thing.