angelina & abby | middletown, md.

I think there's something really wonderful about sisters.Even though my own sister drives me up a wall and back, I'm glad she's there. Except when she steals my new clothes in which case, no, I do not wish she was there.

When I think about having more kids, I hope the next one is a girl so Quinnie can have a sister. I spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch with Angelina and Abby and it only reinforced my Sisters Are Wonderful mindset. (Disclaimer: I realize some people may have some serious beef with their siblings. It's all good - come join me in my fantasy world where everything is awesome for a while.) Even their Mama assured me that the girls are not always 100% in tune with each other, but for the sixty fun-packed minutes we all got to hang out, I believed otherwise.

Angelina is so sweet and kind-hearted. She the ultimate big sister. She's part grown-up babysitter and part playmate and while I'm sure there are days when she locks her door to take a break from that pig-tailed pistol we know as Abby, she knows how to entertain her. You know, as if Abby isn't entertaining all on her own. What a hammy-ham she turned out to be. She was smiling and cheesing it and putting her hand on her hip in between shots and the ribbons, people - the ribbons! I love little girls.

The patch was pretty picked over and that was a real bummer, but I'm glad I got to spend some time with these ladies on their quest for the perfect pumpkin. Enjoy the sneaky-peaky, ya'll!

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Kristen said...

Oh these are cute :) I love how "playful" the photos look. Nice workin.