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6:47 p.m. Text Message - Justin & Brittany

Justin: Headed home. Did I get a check for my overtime?
Brittany: I don't know.
Justin: Because you haven't checked the mail?
Brittany: Umm.
Justin: You haven't left the house today, have you?
Brittany: I made cinnamon rolls.

Clearly, I have some issues. And it doesn't stop there. I also get sweaty palms when I meet new people. Not like, "Eew, gross. Why are you so clammy?" More like...a little tingly and nervous and worried that there is potential for awkward silences and ample opportunity for one of my jokes to end badly.

So you remember a while back when I hosted my little giveaway? Twenty-six people entered. I knew twenty-five of them personally. Of course, it would be the one couple I don't know from Adam winning the whole enchilada. I shouted their names down to Justin and asked if he knew who they were and he yells back, "Quit shouting. I used to work with Ryan in Ocean City. They're really nice." And then I shouted even louder, "Yeah but they could be psychos! They could be weird! I don't want to leave the house!"

Then I thought about it from a moral perspective - I could just fake it. I could pretend like my cousin's old roommate won and that would be easier. More comfortable. More wrong. And I'd be a total chicken.

But mostly, I would've missed out on one of the sweetest, most genuine, big-hearted couples ever to step in front of my camera. Ryan and Ashley - let's please be friends in real life from here on out.

When I first arrived in downtown Sharpsburg (if you blink, you'll miss it - but do try and stop for an ice cream), I knew what I was a looking for. A black lab that I'd seen in Ashley's Facebook photos and knew he'd be tagging along on our shoot. I did see one dog when I first arrived and started walking toward it only to realize his owners were like...90.

But Ashley arrive in her cute boots with a big hug and we jumped right in to a rip roarin' good time that involved the two of them lovin' up on each other and me promising cookies to Drake if he'd just sit still. Drake is the dog, in case you were wondering.

Ashley & Ryan radiate kindness. They're tender-hearted to each other and it's so obvious that they truly enjoy one another. I mean, really. Look at this girl's face. That is someone with an overflow of happiness in her heart.

I'm so glad I am able to conquer my occasional bouts of agoraphobia to meet awesome people like the two of you. Thanks for such a fun afternoon and for the cookies which never made it to Quinlan but to my belly instead.

Enjoy the sneak peak!

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