jordan & parker | cushwa basin williamsport, md.

I don't really believe a first impression is everything. It can't be, otherwise I never would've been able to photograph Jordan and her son, Parker. The first time I met Jordan, she came over to my house to study with my sister, Karly, but her arrival was quite untimely. You see, it was my brother's birthday and a rowdy game of Spoons was going full-swing when she walked in the door. I had just gotten home from a full day of travel from Pittsburgh, skipped a shower and came straight to the party. My hair was a mess. There may or may not have been birds fluttering in and out of it. There was shouting. There was table-diving. There was blood. (Who wants to play!?)

If I was Jordan, I would've taken one glance my way and thought, "See you later, psycho." But after the relatives headed home and the circus quieted down, Karly came downstairs and said, "Jordan wants to know if you'll do pictures of her and Parker." Why she was not running for the hills, I'll never understand.

So we picked a sunny autumn afternoon to meet up at the Cushwa Basin in Williamsport and I am pleased to say that Parker didn't even give me a chance to warm up. Usually little kids take a minute or two to evaluate the situation, think about if they want to cooperate or not, pretend like they're shy and hide behind Mom's leg, etc. before the session really gets moving. Parker? He dove right in.

This kid is a firecracker. He's got a fantastic imagination and boundless energy. And what I love the most is that he's totally into fall. He's not scared of Halloween - he spent the first fifteen minutes of our session asking to search for ghosts, looking into windows for witches, and talking to me about pirates and all the details that accompany any decent swashbuckler.

Exhibit A: The Appropriate Reaction to a Ghost/Spook/Goblin/Witch.

And underneath all that boyish energy and toddler humor is a very tender-hearted little boy who loves his Mama. In between his requests for red lollipops and showing off his neon orange shoelaces, he snuck in a few hugs, smooches, hand-holding, and helping-Mama-up-the-stairs.

Oh, and while we're here, allow me to brief you on what you can expect of me during your session. Parker was getting a little antsy about moving on down the canal so I diverted his attention by suggesting we throw rocks into the water. So, yeah. Hire me! I'll teach your kids to throw rocks.

But that aside, Parker is the best rock-thrower of all time. And I can say this with confidence because when he bends down, scoops up a few pebbles, and heaves them over his tiny little shoulders, he shouts, "MEATBALLS!" Such gusto. I dig it.

Thankfully my super-assisterant (see what I did there!?) Karly was there for this session so I was able to steal a little one-on-one time with Jordan while Karly and Parker played together. And I'm so glad it worked out because Jordan is a stunner. I absolutely loved photographing her. She insisted she's not photogenic and doesn't take a good picture and all those other things good mothers say, but these next few images prove her wrong.

She looks so womanly here. I love it.

Oh hey, Parker. We're back and you have our full attention.

I'm so glad I got to hang out with these two. Jordan is such a fun mother and she's studying to be a nurse, too - pretty AND smart!? I think so. Enjoy the sneak peak, buttercups!

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