keira | shepherdstown, wv.

I spent the afternoon gallivanting (ha! I love that word!) around Shepherdstown with Keira (that's Kai-ruh not Keer-ah) for her senior portrait session and people - she. was. awesome.

And really, she totally duped me. She gave me this whole I-don't-take-a-good-picture nonsense and after about 15 minutes and some bad Talladega Nights jokes on my part, she was breezing through our session like oh, no big deal, I'll just look awesome in every single shot.

Senior portraits always remind me of what a hot mess I was in high school. I'm looking at Keira and her awesome Pantene hair, her funky feathers and overall sense of laid-back smoothness and wondering why I did not own a flat-iron in 2002. Don't get me wrong, my senior pictures were amazing. Who doesn't want a nice studio shot in her prom dress holding a flute? Or that classic mirror shot that says, "Am I upside down or not!?"

I kid, I kid. They were tragic. Really.

So enjoy the sneak peak of this incredibly smart & collected future criminal psychologist. I figure if that doesn't work out, she can just call it a day and be a model. I'm off to burn my old pictures.

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