natalie | greencastle, pa portraits.

Oh, this girl. My long lost friend. When Natalie asked me to do a session as a surprise for her fiance, I knew it would turn into an afternoon of digging up very old, very embarrassing stories about the past.

Like that time we went swimming in oh, I don't know, mid-March or so, and I learned the hard way that I am allergic to cold water. (Yes. This is real and I really do have it. Someone call Barnum & Bailey.) I walked home in my pajamas covered from head to toe in red welts - I looked like a pink alligator wearing Joe Boxer flannels. Hey, Joe Boxer was very hip in 1998.

Or that time I spent the night at her house and we watched House on Haunted Hill and after thirty minutes I was terrified and spent the rest of the movie spooning her. Or worse, that she told the guy I liked the next day that I spooned her. That's messed up.

Or that in high school her oral surgeon hit a nerve taking her wisdom teeth out and she couldn't feel one side of her face for months. Thankfully, this mild medical scare hasn't deterred her in the slightest - she's a respiratory therapist and she's going for her Ph.D. in Psychology. Pretty and smart? I think so.

Natalie has such a sweet, endearing personality. When she laughs, she really laughs. No holds barred. She throws her head back and smiles enormously and you can't help but laugh right along with her.

And did I mention that she's in love? And that she's getting married in two January's? To a guy who's always getting his Ph.D.? And that there will be hot chocolate?

Thanks for such a fun afternoon, Nat-a-Tat-Tat! I can't wait to shoot your wedding. :)

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