the brewer family | baker park frederick, md.

Hey ya'll! (Put on your best Paula Deen voice for that one, you can add 200 karats in diamonds to your fingers to get the full Deen Effect). I want you to meet someone. Well, three someones.

Meet Brian & Jackie.

When you put them together, you get a genetic explosion of cuteness. You get huge blue eyes.

You get Nate. (P.S. Doesn't Jackie have this awesome smokey-eyed Cleopatra thing going on? She's so glamorous. I had my hair in a sock-bun that day. Jackie's Style > Brittany's Style.)

And as if his adorable good looks weren't enough to get him by in this world, Nate loves. He loves Mom & Dad. He loves Goldfish crackers. He loves to sing Wheels on the Bus. And he loves trees. He strolled around Baker Park, wrapping his arms around tree trunks left and right for a big squeeze.

I asked Cleopatra Jackie if this was something she prompted him to do, and turns out - the boy just loves trees all on his own.

I always try to learn something from each session, and this time, I learned not to wear high-heeled boots, no matter how cute they are. Because little boys are incredibly quick and they will run across a field faster than your boots will carry you. Your toes will hurt the next day.

Thanks for a fun afternoon, you three! I'm going to ice down my toes.

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