2 years | personal.

The more weddings I shoot, the more I think about my own. All the things I liked (my gown, my bouquet) and all the things I'd change (reception location, colors). But even more than that, I think about how little all of it matters now. I think about how we're living out the vows we said 730 days ago and for every fight we've ever had, not one of them was about our wedding day. I think about all the times we were down in the dumps, working through the nitty-grittiness of every day marriage to a person that doesn't always think about things the way I do, and how we promised God and each other that we would love and honor and make it work. I think about the best days when we walk around like we just started dating, laughing and enjoying our daughter that we somehow made. (I know how it happens, I'm just saying it's crazy that it actually makes babies.)

Marriage is the best. It's also messy and loud and downright strange some days (like today, when you realize you bought each other the exact same card on your second anniversary). I've learned that while our wedding was special and lovely, it's a means to an end. The marriage is where it's at. The day to day is what counts. The getting up with your baby at 3 a.m. for the tenth night in a row, the packing lunches and running errands, the bills that need to be paid and the toes that need to be kept warm at night. We do it. We do it together.

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband. Thanks for bringing in wood when it's zero degrees outside to keep us warm. Thanks for blowing raspberries on Quinlan's belly until she can't catch her breath from laughing. Thanks for working overtime every week so we can have the things we need. Thanks for marrying me and giving me a beautiful daughter who I love more than life. Thanks for being my boyfriend and for taking me on a picnic date four years ago.

I love you.


Unknown said...

Love that line, "The marriage is where it's at. The day to day is what counts." so, so true. No sparkly wedding gown or tasty appetizer will make up for a life well lived with your spouse.
Happy Anniversary to you guys!
ps. lets catch up soon :)

Jess VanDervort said...

Omg girl, you're making me cry! lol. Congrats, guys!!

Jess V.