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When I first started shooting, I read a lot of blog posts from established photographers about "ideal clients." At first, I thought that was craziness because I wanted to work and shoot whatever I could. But the more weddings I shoot and the more people I meet, the more I realize what my ideal clients have in common and how that enables us to make magic. Not everyone is a perfect fit - I love clients who love each other first and foremost; clients who know they are preparing for marriage and not a wedding; couples who genuinely enjoy one another and can't hide it; couples who value their photography and want fresh, intimate, and original images. I love couples who ask me to give them beautiful images that reflect who they are together and know my style and work well enough to trust I'll make it happen.

Jessie + Steve are all those things and more. They are a breath of fresh air. The first line of Jessie's first e-mail to me said, "Oh my goodness, I kind of love you." How can you say no to that? I mean, she just puts it out there and once you meet her, you can't not love her back. It's not possible. I imagine she was Homecoming Queen all four years and that's not even possible. Forget the fact that she's absolutely gorgeous (well, you probably can't forget because of all the pictures, but bear with me here), she's also hilarious, sarcastic, kind-hearted, and very much in love with a guy named Steve. I met both of them a few months ago to chat about their upcoming wedding (at the Mathwig Estate), how they met (they're both teachers at an elementary school - someone's hot for teacher), and all their proposal details (Christmas cheer for everyone!).

Now most meet-and-greets are heavy on us girls chatting to hash out wedding details and sometime the gents don't say much, so I was really looking forward to getting to know Steve better at their engagement session in Fells Point. And what I mean by "getting to know" is "what kind of man can wrangle in a woman like that?" And I totally see it. Steve is kind and sweet-tempered, he laughs all the time and, Lord have mercy, he is so sweet on that girl. When they are together, there is a lightness between them. I mean, you can feel it. It's palpable. Photographing them was an absolute breeze and one of the highlights of this entire busy season.

I know their wedding will be incredible because they use words like "happy" and "casual" and "wicked awesome." But mostly, I know it will be incredible because they keep their eyes on the prize. They don't lose sight of what a wedding is for and what it means. They love and respect each other, they are good listeners and show such tenderness toward one another. Their happiness is so contagious that when I got home, I gave my husband a big smooch and told him I'm grateful to be married to him. Marriage is good. Very good.

You guys! I just love you. I am so excited for your wedding and grateful to call you friends. Enjoy your sneak peak. xoxo.

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