flora corner farm wedding photographer | marjorie + jim.

This past Saturday was a dreary one. Justin came down with a miserable case of strep throat and a fever the night before were supposed to drive 3 hours for me to shoot (and Justin to attend) Jim + Marjorie's wedding. It rained that drizzly misty kind of rain all morning long, and by the time we arrived at the venue, a quaint little farm on a Southern Maryland hilltop, Justin announced he'd be sleeping in the car until the ceremony began and all I could think about was how nice a cup of chicken noodle soup sounded. We exchanged a few comments about it not being wedding-weather and how the outdoor ceremony probably wouldn't happen and I hoped Marjorie would be okay with it.

So I took a deep breath, grabbed my 100 pounds of gear, and got to work. Guys, Flora Corner Farm is absolutely darling. It's rustic but not worn, charmingly cozy with lots of windows and twinkle lights sparkling across the ceiling. There's a patio with a fire pit and bistro tables, a loft filled with vintage china, and the owner's own home where the bride gets ready. It's one of the sweetest venues I've ever worked and it's especially nice to have the owner and a wedding planner there throughout the day to make sure even the rainiest of wedding days goes off without a hitch.

When Marjorie arrived in her Green Bay Packers sweatshirt and jean shorts, she had her game face on. She was calm and unflustered by the weather, moving quickly to set up a few last minute reception details and I couldn't help but remember our first conversation about Jim and how very happy she must be that today is her wedding day. There would be no raining on her parade.

And now that they're on their honeymoon in sunny California with wedding bands on their hands, I imagine they aren't thinking about the rain at all. I'm so grateful these two are not only clients, but also friends. Enjoy the sneak peak!

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Unknown said...

beautiful wedding and hello! I want her arms!