middletown, md family photographer | the catoe's.

I can't think of a single member of this family who isn't well loved by everyone they meet. It's impossible not to be drawn to them because they're all so good-looking for starters, but they're all kind and funny and completely congenial. If you're lucky enough to know them in real life, you know exactly what I mean.

 Becca is a little quiet and sweet as pie. Michael is kind of a show-off in the best way - it's difficult not to like him. Joe + Kristen are a powerhouse couple who somehow make the cutest babies with the freshest style. Maria will tell you she's shy but her moment in front of the camera comes, she works it. Fernando and Ricardo are adorable because they showed up in full-on little-boy mode - crooked tie, gum-chewing firecrackers. Elizabeth is tender-hearted and loves her siblings. And Fred + Jackie somehow reign it all in while loving each other and keeping everyone else in check. I love it. I love them.

Of course, their family is huge, so that makes wrangling everyone in for family photos is no small task, but Becca is a champ and made it work (after like 4 scheduling attempts, ha!). We trekked out to Middletown, MD for a gray, morning session between the mountains and the trees, made some magic happen, and left with soggy feet and wet jeans. This has been on of my favorite family sessions ever.

And look! There's Kristen + Joe! And AJ! And chub-chub Jalese! And Becca!  You guys are the greatest and your family is a blessing to everyone who knows you - myself included. Enjoy your sneak peak!

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