myersville, md engagement photographer | danielle + jordan.

A couple of weeks ago, Justin asked me to go dove hunting with him. I turned him down the first few times because dove hunting is not an activity I would consider right up my alley, but he seemed pretty psyched about it and he never asks me to hunt with him (except to take pictures of him with his new bow or something). He promised it would be a good time, that we would be walking through cornfields kicking up dozens of birds, and there'd be so much excitement I wouldn't be able to stand it.

So I put on a totally inappropriate outfit (teal pants!), we put some pumpkin ale in a cooler, and showed up at the farm. I felt like an idiot standing among these gorgeous country girls who look like modern Annie Oakley's with their own shotguns and camouflage shirts. But I was determined to play along even though I was 100 miles out of my comfort zone because I like people, dangit! As it turns out, this particular trip involved less dove hunting and more sitting in a field watching the empty sky and wishing the bathroom was closer. After almost two hours, Justin's friend (Pat, hi!) asked if I wanted to be dropped off with the rest of the girls while the guys tried a different part of the field. Hello, yes.

So I pulled up my chair next to Danielle, the beauty you see here, and she shared her Cheez-Its and told me she had just gotten engaged. (Now we're closer to my alley). We didn't talk much about it after that, I mean, she had a gun and I didn't want to push my luck (I kid! She's sweet as pie!). So I was totally pumped to hear from her a few days later asking about shooting her wedding. And speaking of her wedding, it's happening at the same spot we shot their engagement photos, a sun-soaked, rolling-hills farm with huge blue skies and a disgruntled cow who did not want me in his field.

I loved getting to know Jordan and Danielle better - hearing their story of meeting at a bar (Jordan swears she eyed him up), getting engaged at the beach, buying their first home together, and planning an intimate, country wedding at Jordan's home. They are so down to earth, they don't take each other too seriously, and they were a breeze to photography - probably because Danielle looks like Anna Kendrick (girl-crush, hello!) and Jordan looks like a Ralph Lauren cologne model. Easy peasy.

Enjoy your sneak peak, happyhearts! I can't wait for your wedding!