boonsboro, md family photographer | the shaffer family.

I have one more wedding to go this season but family sessions are in full swing. Thankfully the weather has been unusually warm some days and for that I am especially grateful because my shutter finger doesn't go numb. It's the little things.

Jodi contacted me about some family portraits for her brood at Devil's Backbone in Boonsboro (it sounds like a naughty place, but it's actually quite scenic and filled with cow pies). She told me they'd never had family photos taken outside of a studio and, if they had to go back, her husband would be kicking and screaming. I'm picking up what you're throwing down.

Let me tell you something about this family - they are hilarious. Side-splitting. I love parents who have fun with their children, they all pick on each other just enough to get a rise out, and especially Jodi whose enthusiasm for a little time out with her family was absolutely contagious.

This session was so much fun! Enjoy your sneak peak. :)

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