boyds, maryland engagement photographer | jared + danielle.

Good people! I'm especially excited to share today's session with you for so many reasons. Like the perfect mix of blue skies, golden sunlight, and autumn trees on fire. Or the bride's adorable sense of style and the groom's sense of humor that totally blooms when a Stephen Colbert book is involved. But I'm mostly excited because Danielle is my cousin and I am absolutely thrilled for her and Jared to (finally!) be locking it down.

I'm sure you can feel it absolutely oozing through some of these images, but you should know from my personal experience that Danielle is sweet as pie. She always has been. I loved going to her house when we were little because she had so much cool stuff - like a box of dress-up clothes and a drawer in the kitchen dedicated solely to snack foods. At her birthday parties, we were allowed to have candy for breakfast and I've seen her belt it out on stage as Dorothy in The Wiz and I'm pretty sure I turned green with jealousy that day. She is so talented and smart and sweet because that sort of thing runs in the family. Bam!

Oh, Jared. If I had to sum him up in one word, it would be brave. Our family is loud, bossy, sarcastic, and ruthless. And here he is, putting a ring on it, ready to jump in with both feet. He's been around long enough to know what he's getting into so I have to believe he is either crazy or enjoys the pain, but either way, it's easy to see how much he loves Danielle and I think that trumps everything.

They are so darling together and I'm so grateful they're both part of our family. I love you guys and I can't wait for your wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry! Enjoy your sneak peak!


Danielle K said...

Ahhh ... I love them! Brittany, you are ahhhmazing.

Danielle K said...

Ahhh ... I love it! Brittany, you are ahhmazing.

Anonymous said...

So many good ones - the hat! - love it. The black & white ones! - love them. Beautiful captures.

A Compassionate Calling said...

This is phenomenal!

Christy said...

These are brilliant!