frederick, md lifestyle photographer | jess, scott + siblings.

It's been a busy season of, "All my Mom wants for Christmas is a decent family photo" over here. Mothers everywhere - I applaud you for your patience. I admire your resilience in displaying that family portrait you had taken at Olan Mills in 1997, the one where your daughters are wearing smocked dresses and your sons matching, crooked ties. It's the only one you have where everyone is together all at once and dangit if you're taking it down. Stay strong, warrior. New photos are on the way.

So cheers to my beautiful friend Jess for making a family photo happen with 5 different schedules and 3 different dogs. You're kind of a big deal. And you probably just moved up several slots on the Nice List because of it.

We shot in my absolute favorite location, beautiful downtown Frederick, MD. Oh your dream houses! Your charming architecture! Your funky colors and modern-hipster vibe!

Thanks for a fun session -  enjoy your sneak peak!

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