frederick, md maternity photographer | marybeth + buff.

A few months ago, I was scheduled to shoot Buff's military homecoming in Baltimore but it snowed and I chickened out because me + snow = bad news. I mean, just this morning it snowed for a few hours and the highway outside my house has been at a complete standstill since noon and we hit a Yield sign on the way to church this morning trying to navigate through the ice and compacted snow. Trying to get to church doesn't pay, folks. I kid! (Baby Jesus, don't cry.) Anyway, I told his patient, red-headed (my fav!) wife that the next time they were in town, we would do some portraits to make up for it. Well, I forgot about that until MaryBeth (this feels so formal, so we'll just call her MB from here on out, okay?) sent me a message letting me know her much-anticipated bun in the oven was due in January and this seemed like as good a reason as any to get in front of the camera.

So we met in my absolute favorite place to shoot (Frederick, MD I love you forever!) and I tried to keep myself from rubbing my belly against hers for fertility's sake and just do my job like a normal person who is not obsessed with babies. I am who I am. I also opened our session with a terrible story about an ex-boyfriend whose mother was named Buff and I felt like I could only go uphill from there.

Buff and MB are awesome. They are the funniest, most relaxed parents-to-be I've ever met. Of course, they are nervous about actually getting a small human out into this world, but there is a tangible joy between them that only comes from the sorrow of two little lives already walking in glory and the faithful promise of a third that will be in their arms so very soon. I so loved watching and photographing them, Buff's makes crazy faces and MB laughs until she can't catch her breath. I told her gross stories about my own labor and Buff, bless his heart, tuned out the best he could. God love him.

They're headed back to New Mexico now to enjoy their last few months as a family of two before their darling son arrives and they'll have a full schedule of sniffing his head because oh my Lord there is nothing better. Enjoy your sneak peak, parents!

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