woodsboro, md engagement photographer | sara + mitchell.

There are some clients who, right from the first inquiry, I just know will be a good fit. When Sara contacted me a few months ago about shooting her and Mitch's wedding next April, I liked her instantly. She was kind of a sass-mouth and, being a sass-mouth myself, I totally appreciate someone who gives it right back to me. Then she told me Mitchell was a career firefighter and I knew she was sassy and classy because I come from a family of fire-fightin' men myself and I can vouch that they are some of the best in the world.

I was totally psyched to meet them in person a few months ago, so I did what any photographer would do and I set up a meeting at Starbucks to chat about wedding stuff. I got there early, set up my laptop and sank into a saggy booth seat where I was reminded that I have mild scoliosis and to not meet at Starbucks anymore. Anywho, I had absolutely no idea what Sara looked like. In some ways, I'm proud of myself for not Facebook stalking her to death, but let this be a lesson to us all that sometimes stalking is the right thing to do. So here I sit, starting to sweat with nerves, wondering if I should be introducing myself to every 20-something couple who walks in the door or if I should just wait patiently. I'm a train wreck, people.

A few couple-types walked in and no one particularly acknowledged me, not even this one brunette and the beefcake hooked on her arm, so I pretended to look busy, shuffled some papers around, waited a few more minutes until said brunette doubles back and says, "Are you Brittany?" Hello, Embarrassment! Good to see you again! I tried to smooth it over, tried to ignore the coffee cups in their hands that I wanted to pay for, and act like I didn't just make the worst first impression ever. But the good news is that Sara and Mitch are some of the nicest, most genuine people I've ever met and I am especially excited to have made new friends (sounds totally lame when I say it, but whatevs, it's true) and not just new clients.

After much rescheduling and outfit swapping and staying on the prowl for a perfect location, we finally met up, recognized each other the first time around (#winning), and got started on some serious romantic documentation. Sara jumped out of the truck in a red flannel shirt, announced that it went against every recommendation I made, and that she was going to wear it anyway. Like I said. Sass-mouth. But you know what? She laughs all the time. She makes Mitchell laugh and she makes me want to be around her. So basically, she  can wear whatever she wants.

You should also know that Mitchell is a a very good sport. He'll do anything Sara asks. You can tell he's proud to have her on his arm and he's proud of the life they're building together. That part never gets old to me - seeing two very different people who are very much in love and to watch love work itself out in the little things. In taking turns wrangling their pooch, Mack, in for a picture. In wearing an outfit your lady picked out even if it's not your favorite (you're a stud, Mitch). In being proud of your future husband's most-admirable career. It makes my heart swell.

Sara and Mitch, you are absolutely wonderful. I'm grateful you e-mailed me one day, grateful to be a part of your wedding adventure, and especially grateful to call you friends. Enjoy your sneak peak!

P.S. Many thanks to my amazing husband for arranging for us to shoot on this gorgeous piece of land and for hanging out with Mack while I worked. Love you!

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