2013 highs and lows | time to wrap it up!

I've tried to write this post a few times now - once with the idea to do Superlatives and give my couples this year a little title, but then I worried I wouldn't be able to come up with anything more clever than Most Likely to Have a Dozen Cats (Jared and Danielle, I'm talking to you) and I gave up. A second time I was going to talk about each and every session, but with a toddler tapping her finger on the power button for my computer I realized I just didn't have that kind of time.  So now, here I sit with a quiet house, the unusually still dog asleep on the floor, and a plastic tub of sour gummy bears down to the last five pieces. I'm out of excuses. Let's do this.

You guys ever played High/Low? The game that helps socially awkward families communicate at the dinner table by asking each other for the high-point and low-point of their day? Welp, you're about to learn. Buckle up.

Jalese Brinn

High: Photographing my dear friend's first daughter just hours after she was born in a too-warm, too-small hospital room filled with (no-such-thing-as) too much love.

Low: I'm not counting it as a birth because I wasn't actually there for the main event, but I want to be. Photographing a birth is on my Must Shoot List. Preggo? Call me.

Abby + Kyle

High: Abby is absolutely the sweetest, she is an amazing Mama, and watching her kiddos interrupt the first dance was adorbs.

Low: It was, like, 200 degrees F on her wedding day. I was...damp.

Jen + Evan

High: Jen and I went to college and I hadn't seen her since - REUNION! She's as sweet as ever, their backyard wedding was crazy good - the food (bbq is always a win for me), the endless dancing, the stunning vineyard where we took their portraits. Yes, please.

Low: Jen and Evan moved to the Dirty South right after their wedding and now I have to wait until Dana and Jason's wedding to see them again because Evan is officiating and Jen is the Maid of Honor. Boom!

Jess + Jordan

High: Their ceremony. My word. So tender. So sweet. So personal. So proud of their love for Jesus and for each other. It was truly a blessing to witness.

Low: I shot most of the ceremony from behind a willow tree. Well, more like inside of it. I took a branch to the face once or twice.

Andrea + John

High: Their portraits are still some of my absolute favorites. They were so relaxed, so silly, so all-about-the-marriage and not the wedding, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy. Their silliness is contagious. I dig it.

Low: The rain! I had 4 rainy-day weddings this year and I wanted to punch Mother Nature in the jugular.

Dana + Jason

High: Their easy kind of love, their hilarious honesty, Dana's enthusiasm for our session, the perfect golden light that poured in during their session.

Low: We shot in Gettysburg which is so freaking haunted I was running out of there by sundown.

Megan + Adam

High: Knowing these two lovebirds will be together forever - which seems to be the point of all wedding days, but this one was extra special because Adam has been overseas for most of their relationship and Megan was so so happy.

Low: A gnat flew in my eye while shooting their portraits and Jess had to try and help me dig it out. Ain't nobody got time for that. (Also, Jess, I love you.)

Shannon + Andrew

High: Being able to photograph my beautiful cousin on her wedding day. Not much better than that.

Low: Balancing a glass of champagne in one hand (you know, because I'm still there as a guest) and my camera in the other. I lack a certain...I don't know...grace.

Jessie + Steve

High: Ummm...pretty much everything. They are hilarious, sweet, fun-loving, and they keep it real. And by "real" I mean they shoot it right back to me. More of that, please.

Low: I forgot there are toll roads on the way home from Baltimore and I had to ask them for a few bucks to get home. Classy.

Marjorie + Jim

High: Marjorie + Jim are dear friends and even though their ceremony got rained-in, I know how excited they were to lock it down. Also, their venue was stunning and the staff there rocked my world. Also - apple cider moonshine. That is all.

Low: My husband came with me as a guest and he ran a fever with strep throat all weekend. He slept in the car until the ceremony and I had to tell everyone he was homeless.

Danielle + Jordan

High: They are fearless. I mean, I met Danielle when she had a gun in her hand (total babe) and we started their engagement session in a field belonging to a disgruntled bull. Also, when you put her and Jordan together, they make a cologne ad.

Low: I got a little ambitious with the river shots and ended up balancing over two rocks with a strapless camera. I'm a genius.

Danielle + Jared

High: Photographing my lovely cousin with her longtime love at a beautiful farm with perfect light, adorable outfits, and their unashamed love for cats and comics. It's fun to grow up together.

Low: I stepped in horse poop more than once.

Sara + Mitch

High: Sara dishes it out and she can take it. The banter between us would probably make you cringe. I love her. And she loves Mitch who happens to be a firefighter and that is always alright in my book. Also Mitch - lose the mustache. You look like a porn star.

Low: The enormous cow mooing at top volume right behind me during their final few shots. I think I am mildly deaf in one ear. Also, I apparently have issues with livestock. Oh my brides, you all are the rustic type.

Amber + Mitch

High: Oh dear. These two. So precious. So attractive. So sweet and kind and amazing listeners when I suddenly felt the urge to put all my business out there and they actually thanked me for it. They are gracious and adorable and their love for Jesus is evident with every word. Please make babies so the world will be a more beautiful place.

Low: I am probably banned from the City of Frederick after we dumped gold glitter stars all over the steps of some downtown building. I do what I gotta do to get the shot.

Marybeth + Buff

High: Shooting maternity portraits for a long-awaited baby is a joy - especially when that baby belongs to a spunky redhead and a Daddy who I'm sure will be the best playmate he'll ever know.

Low: My alarm didn't go off before their session and I made it right on time - I mean, my hair was an oil slick and I had raccoon eyes, but whatevs. I made it.

Jamie + Manny

High: My last wedding of the season and we totally went out with a bang. Literally - streamers popped out everywhere after they said I Do. Their wedding was totally original, filled with everything they love, and they invited all their friends to go on their honeymoon. It's called a Buddymoon. You can invite me on yours.

Low: It was f-f-freezing. Their wedding day was wedged between a day of nonstop icy rain and a blanket of snow. My hands were popsicles and this is where the amazing bridesmaids come in - thanks for huffing and puffing on my fingers until the feeling came back.

This has been such an amazing year. I worked with so many kind people who are now friends, I watched marriages begin and babies come into this world. I am so grateful for everything that happened this year and I can't wait to see what next year will bring. Enjoy the coming time of rest and I will see you punks next year. xoxo.

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