baltimore, md wedding photographer | dana + jason.

Dana + Jason's wedding! It happened! It was windy, cold, and perfect. Dana has been an absolute dream to work with - she was so entirely calm about her wedding day, I didn't know what to do with myself. There was nobody to soothe. Nobody to talk off the ledge. Nobody to pep talk the nerves away. The only outbursts happened between a few shutter clicks and it was Dana counting down the minutes until ceremony time and wishing for it to come faster.

We did their First Look at Goucher College (random college kids who joined in, hi!) just next to Sheraton Baltimore North where their wedding was held - and when he turned around to see his bride, Jason quietly said, "This day just got way better." YOU GUYS. It doesn't stop there. Dana knows how to surround herself with sweet men. I asked her Dad before the ceremony if Dana was his only daughter and you know what he said? "She's my only everything." Be right back...I gotta go call my Dad and tell him I love him.

Okay...back. Do you remember Jen and Evan? The ones with the beautiful backyard/vineyard wedding? Jen was the maid of honor and Evan officiated the wedding and it was a freaking awesome day. I am happy to report wedding season is officially ON and I can't think of a better way to start it.

Enjoy your caribbean honeymoon and the sneak peak! xoxo.

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