gettysburg, pa engagement photographer | matt + emily.

The more couples I photograph, the more I see a pattern in the type of people who hire me. I get e-mails and bookings from funny, sweet, sometimes sarcastic, good-natured, unfussy brides and grooms who make are easy to love. Matt and Emily are no exception to any of those things, plus Matt's a police officer so you already know Emily has incredible taste in men, amiright!?

We met in their hometown of Gettysburg (most haunted place in America! smells like romance to me!) at Devil's Den (Emily said it was really just a big pile of rocks, and it turns out there are tons of those in the battlefields, but my internal compass was with me, friends). Now I know some couples are a little shy to be in front of the camera, and Matt said he was even though he rocked it like a boss, but these poor kids were really on display when a bunch of Boy Scouts and busload of name-tag tourists started swarming the spot we were shooting. BUT WE CARRY ON AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL IMAGES.

Matt and Emily are a joy to be around - they laugh at each other, they're easy to talk to, they sit in piles of grass jumping with God knows what kind of critters to get the shot, and they post photos of their dog's flapping jowls out the car window. I love it.

I am so excited for their wedding in August - enjoy the sneak peak!

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