smokey glen farm wedding photographer | sara & mitchell.

I have been looking forward to this wedding for so long, and I am so proud to share it with you. Not just because it was a gorgeous day, free of the promised rain (mostly!), but because of the two people who promised themselves to each other and who I have been incredibly fortunate to know.

 I always compulsively check the weather before a wedding and this one was no different. By Friday afternoon, it was still calling for rain all day long and I was panicked. I know how hard they worked to make their wedding happen, all the details and planning, how all the yard games and outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour were all dependent on sunshine. Selfishly, and even though I’ve done bridal portraits in the rain and they have their own sort of romance, I wanted sunshine for their day. That’s how they are - warm and bright and cheerful and exactly the kind of couple who make you feel like there’s nowhere else you’d want to be on their wedding day.

 And there it was. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, and a constant wind that tossed her veil every which way but I won’t complain because that makes for beautiful images. And by the time the dancing started and the Tipsy Palmer’s were pouring, the skies opened up and no one even noticed the puddles forming just outside the barn doors.

 These portraits are some of my favorites. I photographed two friends, not just clients. I photographed two people who are completely relaxed in their unfussy, easy kind of love. Sara and Mitch have been together for years, but watching them together and you know they’re still not used to each other. You can see it in Mitch’s smile when he’s with her, in his patience with my endless shutter clicks because he knows it’s important to Sara. You can hear the pitch change in Sara’s voice when she talks about Mitch and her good humor about living their lives together. I

I love you guys! I’m especially grateful for your friendship and I’m honored to have been part of your day. And many thanks to my fabulous friend Jess for second shooting with me!

Today is our day 
A chance for everyone to get a glimpse into the life we have spent years building together 
I am so happy and so proud to soon be your wife 
I love waking up to you 
I love the way you are incredibly crazy when no one else is around 
And more than anything, I love that without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today 
We have been through the unthinkable
 And I’m sure life has many more trials and tribulations to go
But I’m ready to join in with you on that journey 
Here’s to many years of adventure together, my love
- Sara

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