casual friday | the spastic self-portrait.

My updated website launched yesterday with a tiny bit of fanfare - I posted a link and gave myself a high-five. All the launch countdowns and contests and big reveals - it's too much pressure. I'd crack under the weight of it. I kid! I love it, love it, love it. It's more neutral, the galleries are bigger and there's fewer of them. I had a new logo made and ripped out some of the useless pages of detailed information that cluttered things up. It was too busy and I like things clean, simple, minimal.

This is so much more me.

Speaking of my new website, I still need a self portrait to slap onto the About page. You guys, trying to get one has been an absolute pain in the neck. I literally could not find a single image of myself where it was just me. Any photo less than 2 years old and I've got a baby on my hip. Attachment parenting, it's my thing. After a few sad attempts with the self-timer (limbs and heads chopped off, bad choice of clothing, just all around awful), I gave up on the selfie and will soon be outsourcing to someone else's talents. Moving on.

Have you guys ever heard of Photo Mechanic? I have seen it floating around the photography world for years now and I never really understood what it was for - Editing? Sorting? So I finally spent some time checking it out, downloaded a trial version, and now I am wondering how I ever lived without it. Before Photo Mechanic, I was culling my images in Lightroom which takes FOREVER. The image files are so enormous and taking so long to load, it would take me a full day to decide which images to keep and which to toss. Not fun. Photo Mechanic loads the images at lightning speed so I can cull 2000+ images in about 20 minutes and move on to more fantastic things.

It's a wedding weekend at the Mathwig Estate! One of my favorite places to shoot...cannot wait! Happy Friday!

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