frederick, md senior portrait photography | ashley.

When I was in high school, there was exactly one senior portrait studio you could go to for your photos. In fact, they automatically scheduled you for your session 6 months in advance and if you had to pick another time - well, good luck, Chuck. What you got for your good money were a few standard poses (hand under the chin, anyone?) and up to three outfit changes - if you were super trendy like me, you held your flute wearing an old homecoming dress with a white backdrop. I was ahead of my time. I think the best part was the formal shot - the one with the wrap around your shoulders - which was made possible by wearing a fabric tent over your boobs and physically holding the wrap around your shoulders, praying it wouldn't drop off in the hallway in front of a dozen other seniors waiting to for their turn.

It was...awkward. And so when I get clients who decide to forgo the cookie-cutter senior portrait route in favor of a custom shoot, I do a little happy dance. My awkward inner 16-year old rejoices. I think of how glad they'll be in 10 years that they don't have 400 wallets still sitting in the closet.

I talked to Ashley's Mom on the phone prior to our session (she's adorable and somehow how we managed to talk about childbirth before hanging up) and she told me her daughter was a little quiet but let it all out during cheerleading, she was smart and level-headed and wanted to be a doctor. So we put it on the calendar and I showed up in downtown Frederick (fav!) for our session.

And here's Ashley stepping out of the car - legs for days, a total doll, a huge smile and make-up that I asked if she had professionally done (no, she did it herself). We jumped right in and she owned it - never a bad pose or angle that didn't look right. She's smart, well-spoken, more focused than your average high-schooler, and a piece of cake to photography.

I hope I never end up with heart problems, but if I do, I hope this babe is my cardiologist. ;) Enjoy the sneak peak, lovely girl!

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Anonymous said...

Ashley Brooke, I am so proud of you! You are so smart and so beautiful! Your future is so bright and I just know you will make a difference in this great big world! I love you so much! These pictures are stunning! Love, Aunt Stacy