catoctin iron furnace family portraits | abby, david, charlie, and wesley.

Growing up in Western Maryland, I've been to the Catoctin Iron Furnace for more field trips than I can remember. So when my friend Abby asked for a fun location to shoot their family portraits, I scraped the back of my brain until Cunningham Falls State Park showed up and I thought, "Hey - let's go there!"

Unfortunately for me, I couldn't remember for the life of me how to get there. I'm sad. And apparently I relied too heavily on school bus drivers to get me where I was going. So after ample confusion on my part on how exactly one gets to the Catoctin Iron Furnace, we found it. And it wasn't really all that hard, and I even got to show off my Maryland education when I schooled the group on how the furnace actually works. I was wingin' it and throwing in pieces of the trail signs as we walked. I kid! I love my home state.

If you've never been, Cunningham Falls/Catoctin is stunningly gorgeous - there's bridges and crumbling ruins and chilly streams twisting through the dappled forest. And so on a sunny Sunday I met up with Abby + David + their two kiddos for some pictures in the forest and it was like NeverNeverLand.

Also, I love babies and photographing their curiosity. It's so darling. Let's do more of that. Enjoy the sneak peak!

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