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I met Terra through my former-bride-turned-pal-turned-wedding-planner Sara. You guys remember Sara and Mitch, right? The cutest couple with the rustic April wedding that was loaded with good light and good times? Well, Terra is engaged to Sara's brother, John (you can see his handsome mug along with the groomsmen) and on Sunday evening, we met at Elk Run Vineyards in Mt. Airy to shoot their engagement photos.

That last sentence sounded so plain, so matter-of-fact, but there's more to it. So let's back up. If you look in the middle school yearbook of their Connecticut middle school, you'll probably see two smiling seventh graders next to the caption "Most Likely to be Together Forever." And that's how it is because John and Terra have been together since they were 12. (13, maybe? How old are 7th graders?) Terra admitted they broke up for a a short while in high school and she dated someone else who will forever remain in the Some Other Guy category but...love always wins.

In the weeks leading up to Sara and Mitch's wedding, Sara told me that Terra and John had been engaged for a while, they didn't have a date yet, but Terra might be interested in hiring me. I hear things like that a lot and you never know how things will work out, so I kept on shooting throughout the day and Sara, God bless her, had so many bridesmaids I had a hard time remembering which one was Terra. But, Lord have mercy, she made her presence known. She is a force of nature. I can tell you this with confidence because she cornered me in the bathroom during the reception and said, without a hint of sarcasm, "I've been watching you all day. I'm probably gonna call you about my wedding." And just like that, she washed her hands, smiled, and walked out. She doesn't pussyfoot around. I love it.

Weddings days are so crazy-busy and I didn't get to see John and Terra together much until their engagement session this week. They didn't disappoint. John is the solid one, the one who smiles only after being provoked by his brunette babe and when I gave him a basic instruction to "be all about her," it was easy. He would've done it anyway.  They split a bottle of wine while we soaked up the perfect autumn light and I am so, so pumped for their wedding next fall.

Enjoy the sneak peak, kids! Muah!

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