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I have spent the last several weeks avoiding my husband's (and the Internet, and every coffeehouse in the nation) excitement for fall. He is a hunter so that means it's his time to shine, but he is getting #basicwhitegirl on me with his easily-thrilled attitude for pumpkin lattes, apple pie, seasonal baked goods, and trips to the orchard. Every day, for the past three weeks, he asks what I'm making today (usually nothing). I just can't get into that kind of spirit when it's still hitting 85 degrees outside. And I don't even like the much-hyped Starbucks PSL because I don't care for the flavor of burnt squash on my tongue.


There is a chill coming through my window as I write this. And the leaves are changing. And that means wedding season is slowing and engagement season is ramping up and THAT, good people, I can get excited about. And I was especially excited for Alan and Kate's session at Linganore Winecellars because that afternoon felt like fall and we walked around the nearly-empty vineyard, just an hour before closing time, with a bottle of Skipjack for them and a 2014 Deer Park Water for yours truly. (Sidenote: I am starting to think a bottle of wine is in order for all my engagement sessions - it suddenly felt like I was eavesdropping on a hot date rather than clicking away. Sometimes I like being the Third Wheel.)

I met with Kate a few weeks ago and she told me, as if it were as simple as making toast for breakfast, that Alan asked her to marry him at the top of a volcano is Iceland. Just like that. Of course, she got a big fat, "Wait a minute, back up," from me so I could hear more of the story. She said a trip to Iceland was always on Alan's Bucket List, and they decided to just go ahead and do it. Alan had the ring with him and had already arranged to propose to her in a boat out on a lake, but a few days before they were set to sail, the company called and said it wouldn't be possible to take the boats out because there were too many glaciers. Glaciers. Wrecking engagements for centuries, I'm sure.

But Alan, undeterred in locking down the babe you see photographed here, came up with something else on the fly. They were taking a hike (a very looooong hike, as Kate tells me), but Alan wanted to find the perfect spot. At the foot of a volcano, Alan suggested they walk to the top to get a better view - he even sweetened the deal by offering Kate a well-deserved protein bar once they got there. Any maybe she was a little salty that there was no protein bar, but instead a sparkling diamond and the promise of forever (but a girl still has to eat, amiright!?)

I can't wait for their wedding next October at Walker's Overlook - enjoy the sneak peak! xoxo.

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Jessica G. said...


Is it possible for you to release and watermark photo #4 with our winery dog, Lucy?

Can you email it to Jessica@linganorewines.com?