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When Justin and I found out we were expecting a second little love bug, I told him there were things I was doing differently this time. AND I MEAN IT. With my first pregnancy, I shrugged off a lot of the Must-Do's because they seemed unnecessary or expensive. I tried to keep it low-key but sometimes when I think about those last few months, or I see photos of myself wearing God knows what, I think I could stand to make some changes.

So this time around, things have been a little easier! You guys, I threw up daily for 25 weeks with Quinlan. 25 WEEKS. I have paid my dues. There has still been some toilet-hugging going on with this rodeo, but I feel like I can grab it by the hair and put it through the table.

So, without further ado, here's my pregnancy must-haves so far:

Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Full-Panel Jeans

My entire first pregnancy, I rocked what I call Dump Crotch. It's when your maternity jeans will not stay up no matter what you try and after taking 3 steps they've shrugged their way down to your mid-thighs and now your backside looks like you're wearing a saggy diaper. I thought perhaps the full-panel was the problem so I got the kind with just a stretching waistband which is perfect if you want 4 inches of your fanny to hang out every time you sit down.

This time, I splurged on two pairs of Motherhood jeans and I sing the praises every time I put them on. Even after multiple washes they stay up with no Dump Crotch, they feel like real jeans and not frump-a-dump clothes, and my belly is happily lopped over my waistline.

Images from Motherhood Maternity

Maternity Underwear

I know, it's absurd I'm bringing this up. But I have to sing the praises. My Aunt Cindy told me about them a year or so ago and I dismissed it as an unnecessary pregnancy expense. Well, I bought myself a few pairs and they are GLORIOUS. I feel so put together. So covered up in the right places. You can't put a price tag on that kind of confidence.

Image from Motherhood Maternity

The Slow Cooker

I am feeling a little more up to the task of getting dinner on the table these days, but for the first few months, it felt impossible. So I blew the dust off my slow cooker and started putting anything I could think of into it. We ate a lot of Chicken Tortilla Soup which is awesome because I never get tired of it, but the best part is you can get everything into the pot before your dry heaves kick up and still tell your husband that you made dinner. Everyone wins!

Google Image

I Cut All My Hair Off

I should tell you that my husband is not happy about this. He is a classic long-hair man. But between the nausea, the low-energy, the work schedule, and my toddler who has the energy level of someone with a Red Bull IV hook-up, my hair was a hot mess. Wet ponytails. Unwashed for days. You guys, I don't even own a hat to hide my shame. So I took 12 inches off and haven't looked back. I love it.

Deep Blue doTerra Essential Oil

Oh Lord have mercy, the all-over-pains. The stabbing round ligament that makes my whole body freeze up when I roll over at night. The kink in my neck that comes from trying to sleep on 3 propped-up pillows to keep the heartburn down. I think I've been graced with same achey-breaky feelings at least a few times a week and since Advil is out of the question, I turned to Deep Blue. A few drops rubbed in made it bearable without needing medication and hey, it smells good, too.

Google Image


Writing about this makes me feel like a diva, but I'm gonna say it - get your pregnant self a massage. My husband got me a gift card for Mother's Day, but then we found out Baby was coming shortly thereafter, and unless they're running the spa out the back of a windowless van, you have to be out of your first trimester to treat yourself. So I waited and at 16 weeks I got a full-body rub down and it. was. awesome. (I did this with my first pregnancy, too, and noticed my morning sickness eased up in the days following...totally worth it.)

I'm off to pour myself some peanut butter Cap'n Crunch because that's what Baby wants. Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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