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Watching my parents become grandparents has been one of my favorite things about having a child. The rules really do go out the window, all the stuff I wasn't allowed to do or have as a kid, Quinlan gets without a second thought. Chocolate milk with dinner? Ice cream afterwards even though she didn't eat the dinner? Another sip of Pop's soda even though we just brushed our teeth? It's all on the table.

I've watched my Dad set up some pretty ridiculous get-ups for her sake, like the homemade zip-line that carries stuffed animals from the top of the refrigerator all the way to the living room floor. Or the Matchbox car ramp propped up against the side of the couch where he lays down his own life for her to ram the cars into because it's so funny to watch Pop flinch. My Mom called me a few nights ago and says, "I can't tell you what your father is working on, but it's ridiculous."

So we showed up at their house with instructions to bring "clothes that can get dirty and never clean again" and found this - a kiddie pool filled with top soil and hose water, formally known as Muddigush, and a collections of pie tins, cake pans, and measuring cups. Bless.

Now there's something you should know about Quinlan - she is cautious for an adventurous child. I can't figure her out. She's fearless but careful. She doesn't want to get near the mud, but she wants to laugh at you while you squish your toes in. But eventually, her curiosity gets the best of her and she starts slapping together mud pies and dirt cupcakes and other sorts of gritty gross deliciousness.

Oma & Pop, we love you. Thank you for giving her messy memories and happy afternoons.

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