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I had it on my To-Do list to tell you about this sweet family/maternity/couples session yesterday, but I have a really good excuse. You see, my toddler has napped faithfully her entire life, give or take a day here and there. She loves to sleep and after 2:00 p.m., nothing stands between a Quinlan and her bed. Nothing. She will tell you she's going "nigh-night" and ask you to see yourself out. That's prime working time for me, I can knock out editing and culling and blogging and have something to show for myself by he time I hear, "MAAAAAHHH!!" from the nursery. Good people, yesterday, this was not so.

Perhaps it is those pesky two-year molars nudging through, or the fact that I tried to cook a steak in the middle of the day and it put off so much smoke the alarm went off and the monitoring service called and my husband had to tell them there was no emergency but "his wife was cooking." So now that same toddler is hysterical and the house is filling with smoke and alarms are wailing and phones ringing and HOW DID THE DOG GET IN THE HOUSE and yesterday's nap never, ever happened. And on days like that, it is good to have friends who are in the thick of it right along with you. Not that Zach and Colleen had fire trucks en route or anything, but if anyone could understand my frazzled state, it's them.

I met the two of them a few weeks after they got married - just a couple of kids! Then I had dinner with Colleen one night in their old apartment and, while she is normally very, very hospitable, she inhaled her food and seemed anxious to get me out the door. Like, Zach is coming home, stop lingering, you have to leave, thanks for coming. But the truth is she had a positive pregnancy test and Zach was driving from an out of town work training to celebrate and hey, you don't need a third wheel for that. And the next August I sat at her baby shower with my mind elsewhere, knowing I was pregnant, too, and wasn't ready to see those pink lines that would come just a few hours later.

And now they're just a few weeks away from Tiny Son #2, one of that I secretly hope will have orange (not red, Kaden will tell you) hair just like Kaden. I love you guys! I can't wait to meet your little darling in just a little while.

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