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Perhaps it is the womanly scent of pregnancy hormones that waft in my wake everywhere I go (LOL sorry, this is a terrible way to start a blog post), but I have been so lucky to have a handful of maternity sessions scheduled for this autumn. And it just makes sense that we should all be hanging out together, chatting about back pain and heart burn and all the other awesome things that happen to you when you're creating another human 24/7.

Amie's Mom works with my Mom, and even after years of having side by side offices, I never met her, which really is too bad because she stepped out of the car guns-a-blazin' and I instantly thought OH MY GOSH I REALLY LIKE YOU. She has that no-nonsense mentality that one absolutely needs as a new mother and, I think, combined with Will's quiet-but-firm demeanor and sweet baby Addison will have it pretty good.

I'm so excited for you guys and the coming months until she arrives. Enjoy the sneak peak!

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