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When I married my hot, hot husband, he came with three brothers. I have a big family, too, but there's a sister in there to offset the testosterone. He told me his oldest brother, Jason, lived in Maryland, too, but he was on the Eastern Shore. He married Marlene the August before Justin and I met, and in some ways I am bummed I missed the wedding, but I also hear there was an impressive reception that involved my husband having entirely too much to drink.

So I missed the wedding, but I've been able to enjoy watching their sweet family grow - first Carson, then Riley, and if all my bad jokes sink in, they'll have another baby soon because Auntie Britt loves babies! (Don't kill me, guys, it's just the hormones talking.)

We made last-minutes plans for them to come spend the weekend with us so Quinlan and Carson could teach each other all sorts of naughty habits and to take some long-overdue family pictures. We love you guys! Enjoy the sneak peak.;)

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