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A lot of my wedding inquiry e-mails start out the same way - are you available, what are your packages like, etc. And, at some point, a lot of them also bring up the question of, "How about we just toss this whole idea and go somewhere tropical!?" When I was engaged, I had those same thoughts all the time! So when Maggie (fun fact, her name is just Maggie, not Margaret!) told me they were thinking about having a small ceremony in Key Largo, one of Adam's favorite places to scuba dive, I thought it sounded nice but wasn't sure if she meant it.

Turns out, she totally meant it. When we met a few months ago to talk about their wedding, I loved them after 5 minutes. Adam is a little quiet at first, but it's only because he listens, really listens, to everything Maggie says. And I think it's the perfect balance for Maggie's effervescent personality, you can't help but want to be her friend. I asked how they met and they started to tell the story back and forth until Maggie just said, "We're like Jim and Pam, only Adam was the one telling everyone we needed to get back to work!" (So he could have Maggie all to himself, of course.)

Now client meetings are all business and not a lot of romance, so I was anticipating their engagement session so I could really see them together. And, good people, they delivered. They came with blankets and s'mores and piping hot cider and made a reservation at VOLT for afterwards so this engagement session was a full-blown date on which I proudly third-wheeled. Maggie told me that s'mores are important because they had them at their first date (and despite all the practice between then and now, Adam still lit his marshmallow on fire, bless). There was laughing and adorable nose-scrunching and they totally played it cool when I fell on some rocks into one of those my-leg-looks-broken-but-it's-not positions and I couldn't get up without help. You two are the best.

I am so, so happy for you two! I'm looking forward to swapping out s'mores for some key lime pie next year. Surely you were made for each other. xoxo.

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