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In case you missed it a few months back, I blogged about why posed newborn photography is not my thing. There was a lot of sweating, and a fair amount of diaper explosions, and an unfortunate idea that resulted in my newborn sitting uncomfortably inside a ballistic helmet. It was bad for all involved.

There are photographers who do it and do it incredibly well, but after my experience photographing Quinlan, I decided I was not one of them. So when Zach and Colleen asked after their maternity session if I might be interested in doing a session for Brendan when he arrived, I felt a little nervous. I mean, I wanted to, but it wouldn't be with the backdrops and knitted hats - it would just be them, relaxed at home with their new little cub, snuggling and enjoying each other. Lucky for me, that's exactly what they wanted.

Colleen texted me on my way over that they were all upstairs and to let myself in - when I did, I thought I had the wrong house. I paused awkwardly in the foyer and looked around, trying to remember what their house looked like because I was suddenly drawing a blank. This house was fully decorated for the season - there were lights and garland and stockings and the smell of chocolate cookies wafting out of the kitchen. It was completely quiet except for the gentle hum of electric heat and I thought there is no way this is a household with a newborn.

Thankfully, I was in the right place with the right family and everyone was quietly lounging upstairs, reading books and nursing and somehow being completely prepared for Christmas with a 5 day old baby. Zach and Colleen. They blow my mind. (Can I also tell you that Colleen came to my Baby Sprinkle two days later with Brendan in tow? I don't think I left the house for two months after I had a baby - she's my hero.)

It was such a joy to photograph their family this way - Kaden excited about his baby brother, Zach and Colleen learning how to be parents all over again and still being totally sweet on each other despite the lack of sleep and shake-up in their routine. It really was the best. I love you guys! Enjoy your sneak peak!

P.S. The Hot Chocolate Cookies were insane. I ate 2 more in the parking lot and scraped the marshmallow off the lid with my teeth. Not sorry.

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